New Zine: Erratica


While going over the various outlines of potential blog entries for my primary blog, he(sic)ad, I arrived at several conclusions:

a) it’s a terrible name for a blog about fantasy and literature;
b) it was overly limited in scope; and
c) it was horribly pretentious

Therefore, I am keeping he(sic)ad on the side for posts not related to fantasy, and I have made this zine where I will be able to add content more freely.

What is a zine, you ask? A zine (pronounced ‘zeen’) is short for fanzine. A brief consultation of Wikipedia will tell you that it is a non-professional publication produced for the enjoyment of a particular cultural phenomenon and, traditionally, circulated free of charge. While that is a precise and informative description, the reality of a zine is far less specific. Zines may take many forms, as mine most likely will. I will post here regarding anything to do with fantasy. That could be a recap of a recent Dungeons & Dragons session I ran, a review of a book, a short story I wrote, a rant on moronic idiosyncrasies I notice in lots of writing, or anything else that fits somewhere within the paradigm of the fantasy genre.

That being said, I would still not recommend expecting me to post frequently, or regularly. By my very nature I am likely to post a few entries in quick succession, ignore the blog for several weeks (or months), and then come back and drop a number of new posts. Rinse and repeat. Really, it’s a miracle that I get out of bed every day, so my best suggestion is to watch for my updates on Facebook (I’m assuming that my Facebook friends will form the extent of my readership). Or bookmark the page and check it religiously, if you are a glutton for disappointment.


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