Arcane Emporium, Vol. 3

This month’s issue of Arcane Emporium delves into the frontier regions far from the bastions of civilization with two new player options for rangers and rogues.

The Rugged Ranger is a re-imagining of the ranger class that replaces spells with an emphasis on bushcraft and the blessings of nature. The entire class has been rebuilt from the core foundations to provide comparable benefits to spellcasting in the areas of social interaction, exploration, and combat. The new class benefits from more specialization options to allow players the options to make a unique character.

The Scout is a rogue subclass submitted by guest contributor Christian Cole. The Scout emphasizes mobility and stealth, approaching combat sideways to keep his enemies guessing. This subclass is sure to satisfy those players who wish to further specialize the rogue’s extensive skill set along the traditional roles of stealth and tactical superiority.

Arcane Emporium is a catalogue of homebrew rules, weapons, spells, monsters, and much more. New issues will be published at the end of each month with additional material. If you like what you see, please consider become a patron on my Patreon. This will help me post regular content for everyone’s enjoyment.

Changelog – 2017/02/28
– Reduced number of class skills from four to three
– Adjusted Hunter’s Mark as follows:
— It now requires that you maintain concentration on it, as though concentrating on a spell.
— Restricted it to one use per short/long rest.
– Allowed for any creature type to be selected as favoured enemy at 6th level and beyond.
– Adjusted Ranger Lore progression so that fewer lore options may be chosen and the increases coincided with “dead” levels at which no other features are gained.
– Clarified that the 9th and 17th level archery attack options require that you have enough projectiles/arrows.

Changelog – 2017/03/5
– Clarified the rules for the 9th- and 17th-level Fighting Style: Archery abilities to indicate that neither options are Attack actions.
– Corrected a miscalculation of the advanced wolf’s Armour Class.
– Corrected a miscalculation of the advanced wolf’s attack bonus for its
Bite attack. 

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