New Prestige Class: the Blood Mage

Dare to master the very force of life with the an all new prestige class from Dungeon Master’s Workshop, now for sale on Dungeon Masters Guild!

Back in May 2017, we released the revised versions of our Fifth Edition prestige classes: the guild mage, the lycanthrope, and the shadow dancer. The response was much more than we expected; to this day, our top 4 Google Search results keywords all include “prestige classes”. In a way, our attempt to bring them back into vogue was what laid the foundation for us to gain the readership we have today. It is therefore only fitting that our first character option released to Dungeon Masters Guild is the long-awaited next addition to this project.

And we really think you’re going to like it.

Blood Magic

Not all magic is the same. Clerics pray for miracles, wizards pore over ponderous tomes, druids commune with the spirits of nature, warlocks have truck with powerful entities, sorcerers draw on their innate magic, and bards sing all sexy like to the Weave. Each has their place in the world, though seldom does this mean acceptance for how others came into their power. More harshly judged than any other kind of magic, however, is that which is cast using the energy of life.

Those who study blood magic insist it is nothing more than a tool, and like a sword it can be used to protect just as it can be used to harm. Yet throughout history, blood mages have been the favoured target of witch hunters, religious fanatics, and those with an aim to destroy evil. Their poor reputation is not entirely undeserved, for blood magic has a way of corrupting those who wield it. Making a tool of the energy of life has led many to consider the living as little more than untapped power. For this reason, even those who know its secrets rarely make a display of their knowledge.

A Strange Destiny

Blood mages are few and their abilities—though oft denounced—are certain to be of value in the perilous travels of an adventurer. Whatever their motivations for taking up this path, a blood mage is likely to attract the attention of strange powers, all but guaranteeing a strange destiny for both them and their companions.

Pay What You Want?!

No, you didn’t misread that. As a thank you to our loyal viewers who have asked on many occasions when the next prestige class release will be, we have decided to put this class up for whatever amount you can afford. You can even buy it for free! (Though if you enjoy it, we would kindly ask that you ‘buy’ it again for whatever amount you would like to contribute. Remember, the more support we get, the more content we can deliver!)

Click the image below to buy it on Dungeon Masters Guild!

Click the image above to buy the prestige class on Dungeon Masters Guild!

Did you buy this prestige class? We’d love to hear what you thought of it in the comments below! 


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