Adventure: Temple of the Primordials

Deep in a primeval jungle where none have tread in an aeon or more, an ancient temple has been opened, unleashing the power of the primordials across the land. Storm surges have broken dikes, twirlwinds have ripped towns apart, earth tremors have caused widespread land subsidence, and heat waves have scorched farm fields. Powerful divination has revealed the origin of these events; can brave heroes put a stop to this menace, or will they fall prey to the wrath of the primordials?

Temple of the Primordials is a short adventure designed to advance characters from 1st to 3rd level. Characters will face trials that will test their mettle in various ways, ranging from their skills in battle to their mental agility and cleverness. Many of the encounters in this adventure are in the form of open-ended puzzles, but those who prefer combat will not be left wanting. Groups with different play styles will have vastly different experiences.

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If all this were not enough, this adventure also comes with a new character option for warlocks in the form of a new otherworldly patron: the Primordial. This option allows warlocks to channel the power of their patron in the form of elemental mantles, allowing them to command the power of the elements.

Temple of the Primordials is available now on Dungeon Masters Guild. Click the image below to check it out!

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