Arcane Emporium, Vol. 12

Sorcerers get a whole new redux this month from us at Dungeon Master’s Workshop. The revised class addresses issues raised by many players regarding the playability of the sorcerer, such as overly-restrictive spell selection and limited viable options for metamagic. The feature article includes a redux of the class as it appears in the Player’s Handbook, while patrons also get access to special revisions for the new origins presented in Wizards of the Coast’s new supplement, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (contained in Appendix A). To get access to the full version of this month’s volume, you can become a patron on our Patreon. Patreon is secure and easy to use, and your donation helps us continue to create quality content.

This month’s volume is sponsored by Wyrmwood. Wyrmwood is a team of highly talented craftsmen and avid gamers who give back to the tabletop community. In addition to a wonderful selection of dice trays and card deck boxes, they now have GM screens available for pre-order on their website. Be sure to use the coupon code ‘DMW’ when placing your order to get free domestic shipping!

For the free version of this month’s volume, click the preview image below.

Arcane Emporium is a catalogue of homebrew rules, weapons, spells, monsters, and much more. New issues will be published at the end of each month with additional material. If you like what you see, please consider becoming a patron on our Patreon. This will help us post regular content for everyone’s enjoyment as well as look into other ways to improve the material.

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Feature Image: Mythic Meteor Swarm by Rhineville

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