New Supplement: Expanded Lifestyles

A sprawling manse in the heart of a major port city, a quiet cottage at the edge of the village, a dingy garret above a raucous tap house—all of these are examples of a place your character might choose to live. Each comes with its own unique perks, some more prestigious than others. Now, you can look into what those might be.

Expanded Lifestyles is a supplement to help expatiate what it means to live a “comfortable” or other lifestyle; the people you interact with, the expenses your lifestyle covers, and the likely context of your social status. Unlike other supplements of this nature from prior editions, such as the Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook, which require copious amounts of paper and mathematics to use and which attempt to provide rules for everything, this supplement offers a flexible framework useful in any setting with minimal calculations and maximum fun!

If all this were not enough, the supplement even includes a sample house that players can use as a starting point and DMs can use as an adventure environment!

Expanded Lifestyles is available now on Dungeon Masters Guild. Click the image below to check it out!

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Feature image credit: Bridge by David Revoy (used under creative attribution 3.0 unported licence [CC3]).

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