Arcane Emporium, Vol. 8

Bards receive a new Bard College option in this month’s Arcane Emporium. The College of Charm offers players the opportunity to explore the full potential of a bard’s powers of persuasion and beguilement.

This month’s volume is sponsored by Wyrmwood. Wyrmwood is a team of highly talented craftsmen and avid gamers who give back to the tabletop community. In addition to a wonderful selection of dice trays and card deck boxes, they now have GM screens available for pre-order on their website. Be sure to use the coupon code ‘DMW’ when placing your order to get free domestic shipping!

This edition of Arcane Emporium includes three articles that are sure to provide something for everyone. In addition to the new player option in our feature article—the College of Charm for bards—we also have an article for using riddles in your games without frustrating half your players as well as an article that revises the armour class system to allow players more flexibility and also make armour more historically accurate. The latter piece is based on the system devised by Brion “Bearclaw” Woods of the SCA, which researches and re-creates the arts and skills of pre-17th century Europe—including armoured combat.

Simply click the image below to be taken to the full PDF for this month’s volume.

Arcane Emporium is a catalogue of homebrew rules, weapons, spells, monsters, and much more. New issues will be published at the end of each month with additional material. If you like what you see, please consider becoming a patron on our Patreon. This will help us post regular content for everyone’s enjoyment as well as look into other ways to improve the material, possibly by commissioning our own art or bringing on additional full-time contributors.

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Feature Image: Magical Musketeer Munster © Applibot, Inc. / Legend of the Cryptids

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