Tomb of Annihilation: The Lost Treasures of Omu

Chapter 5, “Tomb of the Nine Gods”, in the Tomb of Annihilation adventure offers a challenging conclusion to a challenging adventure. This far-flung dungeon is unknown save by inference from vague divinations and second-hand rumours. The reason is simple: no one who has entered the tomb has lived to tell the tale.

There are many secrets to be found here, from what became of Omu’s trickster gods to the reason for the Death Curse, which frames the purpose of the entire adventure. There are also several fabled treasures that are sequestered in various nooks and crannies of the dungeon, each supposedly possessing unique powers: the Black Opal Crown, the Eye of Zaltec, and the Navel of the Moon. The writers of the adventure left the nature of the treasures, including their magical abilities, up to the Dungeon Master, but not everyone feels comfortable homebrewing such items.

Fortunately, we at Dungeon Master’s Workshop have you covered.

Now on Dungeon Masters Guild, you can find our newest Tomb of Annihilation supplement: The Lost Treasures of Omu. This short supplement provides our take on the full statistics for the fabled treasures, as well as an expansion on their more recent history—including how they came to be in the Tomb of the Nine Gods.

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