Adventure: Ghost of the Mere

North of Waterdeep along the Sword Coast, the Mere of Dead Men has long been a blight on the face of Faerûn. This cold marsh is a tangle of twisted boughs, ragged reeds, hoary brush, and peaty fens inhabited by strange lizard-men, swamp witches, cultists, and even a fearsome dragon. But an older and more sinister foe than them all is plotting his return. Can brave heroes stand against such ancient evil?

Ghost of the Mere is a full-length adventure from Dungeon Master’s Workshop now available on Dungeon Masters Guild! This adventure features 31 pages of new content sure to entertain you and your players, including six new monster stat blocks as well as new magic items and spells. While it is written to be a new episode to the Tyranny of Dragons storyline, it is easily adapted to be used in any campaign.

The adventure is designed for 11th- to 13th-level characters and includes several recommendations to adjust the adventure to suit stronger or weaker parties. We recommend using tier 3 (levels 11-15) characters for the best experience for both players and the Dungeon Master.

For our patrons, we also have a special gift in the form of a strategy guide with some additional tips and recommendations to help best run the adventure. You can get it now by becoming a patron on our Patreon, just click here!

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2 thoughts on “Adventure: Ghost of the Mere”

  1. I’m getting ready to run Ghost of the Mere for a campaign of in Rise of Tiamat.

    Page 17 says “If the players emerge from the mausoleum in possession of the rings and Iniarv either…”

    “Rings” there implies more than one. Two are buried in the tower, but I didn’t notice anything specifying HOW the players might acquire them. Under what circumstances were you envisioning that the players could get all three rings? Does Iniarv get the other two while the players fight Ebondeath?

    1. Hi Luke,

      Thank you for your question!

      There are numerous rings scattered throughout the Mere and Faerûn at large. A few are directly mentioned in the adventure.

      On page 8, it’s mentioned that Iniarv has successfully collected a few already at his tower (assume he has two), and that Voaraghamanthar has access to them. On page 9, it’s mentioned that the swamp coven also has one. On page 11, it’s mentioned that there are two currently entombed in the tower on the bodies of Amalkyn the Black and Helduth Flamespell, who perished in the mausoleum the last time it rose in 1372 DR. Where precisely their bodies are located in the mausoleum is something I neglected to specifically mention, but my intention was always that they perished in battle with Ebondeath’s spectre and can be found in area 9, as this would force the adventurers to face the big bad dragon and burn a bunch of resources so that the fight with Iniarv is that much harder.

      Three rings are needed for Uthtower to rise. Two are already in the tower, so either Voaraghamanthar can bring the third at the right time, or the players can get one from the swamp coven. It’s entirely possible for both to happen, since the dragons want the tower to rise and will still show up if the party eludes their notice. Their initial plan, masterminded by Iniarv, was to swarm the ruin with lizardfolk and/or undead. Naturally, the appearance of seasoned adventurers gives them a better option, hence why the dragons will conscript the party.

      At least three rings are also needed for Iniarv’s ritual. He’s happy to use more if they’re available.

      Best of luck!
      the Archmage

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