Review: Izzy’s Slightly Used Airships

Hot on Dungeon Masters Guild right now is a true masterpiece of dungeon master ingenuity. Izzy’s Slightly Used Airships by Christopher Rowles is a brilliant mix of whimsy and wonder, the kind of book you come across only once in a while and which makes you re-evaluate your entire life and how you managed to live until this point without it. Six unique airships with mind-blowing design concepts can be found within this emporium of treasures, practically begging you to include them in your campaign.

We didn’t realize that our concept of airships was so boring until we read this.

The greatest strength of this supplement is its outpouring of creativity. Even if someone doesn’t use one of the airships provided here, the content gives fodder for the imagination, introduces some brilliant concepts that can be used to modify “standard” airships (whoever would have thought generic airships could ever be boring?), and is really great for a solid laugh. Using ideas gleaned from this book, you can transform any major vessel in your campaign from a mere gold sink that makes travel easier into a distinct character that your players can actually come to love.

An emporium of treasures.

Don’t be fooled by the title, there’s more than just airships in this book! Perhaps one of our favourite parts of Izzy’s Slightly Used Airships was the equipment section and its five new wondrous items, including such gems as the parachute pantaloons. Every item in this book, no matter how large or small, is designed with its own quirks that make it more than the sum of its parts—they are more than just their stats, they’re fun! No supplement has had us choking on our beverage and clutching our sides quite like this one.

Verdict: Superb, Splendid, Superlative!

We cannot be strong enough in our recommendation that you buy this supplement. Treasures like this are a steal for paltry things like dollars and cents. They are a small investment into many hours of entertainment that you can share with your friends. Don’t let another day go by without Izzy’s Slightly Used Airships in your life; buy it today!

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