Adventure: Trouble on the Stone Trail

For centuries, the Stone Trail between Westbridge and Beliard has been the only way across the Dessarin River for 70 miles in any direction. It passes through a 20-mile-wide valley of gently rolling hills that supports everything from cattle ranches to wineries, making it a popular trade route supporting many small towns. As with all roads that support such traffic, banditry is not an uncommon occurrence on the Stone Trail. However, strange reports have been heard lately of an altogether different kind of bandit activity, one that hides something far more sinister.

Unravel the mystery in Trouble on the Stone Trail, now available on Dungeon Masters Guild!

Trouble on the Stone Trail

Trouble on the Stone Trail takes players into the Dessarin Hills, a range of low mountains and uplands that straddles the Dessarin River northeast of Waterdeep. Strange reports of bandit activity have come to the attention of the authorities, and the characters must investigate a ruined keep the so-called bandits have taken as their base of operations. As they clear the keep, they will discover that the bandits are part of a larger operation with a more sinister purpose than mere theft.

While this adventure can be easily run as a one-shot with minimal adjustment, it is written as the first of the Legacy of Shadows adventure series, which groups can play in any order. The adventure is written for first tier (levels 1–4) characters and should earn 1st- or 2nd-level participants enough experience to level up. Expected play time for the adventure is 2 to 4 hours, depending on the experience and optimization of your party.

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