Arcane Emporium, Vol. 5

Sorcerers receive four new Sorcerous Origins in this month’s issue of Arcane Emporium: Abyssal, Celestial, Fey, and Infernal.

Abyssal sorcerers cloak themselves in a mantle of hellish flames and manifest fearsome natural weapons. Their demonic power becomes more manifest in their appearance as they delve further into mastering it.

Celestial sorcerers learn to tap their own innate magic to much the same effect a cleric channels their patron’s favour and grace. As they grow more in touch with their divine heritage, they are even able to turn that beneficence into an overwhelming display that rebukes the wicked.

Sorcerers of the fey origin are as beautiful as they are strange, wielding powers that beguile and enchant their foes. Their connection with nature is deep, and they gain the ability to wield magic traditionally associated with druids.

Infernal sorcerers gain the fearsome martial prowess of their hellish benefactors. In battle, a sorcerer of this origin is at ease with a weapon as with magic and wields flames of torrid heat able to drive back even the most implacable foes.

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“Voidwielder” by Chase Stone © Wizards of the Coast LLC

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