Arcane Emporium, Vol. 9

Druids receive a new Druid Circle option in this month’s Arcane Emporium. The Circle of the Thorn offers players the opportunity to explore the full potential of a druid’s combat abilities.

In addition to the feature article mentioned above, we also have two more articles. Quest Rewards: Boons is sure to help encourage roleplaying at your table by presenting a number of bonus abilities that can be awarded to players who fulfill personal character goals. Additionally, our Spell Accuracy variant offers revisions to both ranged spell attacks and area of effect spells that are sure to resonate with those who enjoy a little more excitement in their battles. These two articles are available exclusively to patrons on our Patreon, who help make this possible. Becoming a patron is easy; even just $1 a month will get you access to all Arcane Emporium content, and also helps us to continue making quality content for your enjoyment.

This month’s volume is sponsored by Wyrmwood. Wyrmwood is a team of highly talented craftsmen and avid gamers who give back to the tabletop community. In addition to a wonderful selection of dice trays and card deck boxes, they now have GM screens available for pre-order on their website. Be sure to use the coupon code ‘DMW’ when placing your order to get free domestic shipping!

For the free version of this month’s volume, click the preview image below.

Arcane Emporium is a catalogue of homebrew rules, weapons, spells, monsters, and much more. New issues will be published at the end of each month with additional material. If you like what you see, please consider becoming a patron on our Patreon. This will help us post regular content for everyone’s enjoyment as well as look into other ways to improve the material.

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Feature Image: Forest Defender by Sebastian “TatarskiSkandal” Horoszko

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    1. Hi Adam,

      Thank you for commenting. As mentioned in the preamble above the link (and in the first page preamble), the document presented here is a free version. Both the Quest Rewards: Boons article and the Spell Accuracy Variant article are available to patrons.

      You can get access to these articles and more by becoming a patron at our Patreon ( It is safe and easy to do, and it also supports our mission to provide quality content to the community. Even just $1 a month gets you access to all Arcane Emporium content.

      The Archmage

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