A Better Sorcerer Redux

I previously did a redux of the sorcerer class for 5th edition, which you can find here. I was fairly happy with it after I put it up, but I recently found a wonderful service called the Homebrewery that really allowed me to go wild and do this properly. As such, this is the version of the class that I will hereby keep up to date based on play-testing and feedback that I receive.

If you’re too lazy to go and read the last version of the class, the TL;DR is this: I decided that the best way to resolve the issues I perceived with the enduring legacy of Vancian magic in D&D was to eliminate all trace of them by combining the wizard and sorcerer class into a single gestalt. Much of the document is simply a synthesis of sections from both class entries in the Player’s Handbook so as to avoid causing unnecessary complications. The most drastic changes are the elimination of spell slots in favour of spell points, the elimination of the need for spell components (but not spell focuses), and the addition of an arcane equivalent of a paladin’s “Divine Sense”. I plan to follow this document up with an updated spell list that includes spells from supplements and the healing spells that bards receive.

Click on the image to be taken to the PDF.


Update log:
— December 4, 2016, added the missing “Arcane Focus” sidebar and “The Universal School” Arcane Tradition. Inspiration for this new tradition came from Generalist Homebrew.

Image credits for the document:

Art Calavera, “Wizard Queen”.
Wizards of the Coast, “Venser”.
Wizards of the Coast, The Adversary, “Tiefling Wizard”.
Wizards of the Coast, “Hand and Eye of Vecna”.

Images used without permission, but with abundant appreciation.

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    1. Hi Darren,

      Thank you for commenting! It’s always nice to hear appreciation for one’s work.

      If you want to download the PDF, you do not need to get the Homebrewery link. You should be able to just download it by printing to PDF. I did that and uploaded it here to reduce the burden of traffic on the Homebrewery site. While it is nice of them to offer share links, it means a lot of leeching on their server.

      However, if it will help you, you can follow this link to find the document at the Homebrewery: http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/B1bBNrkx7l

      Thanks again for coming by. I look forward to hearing from you again.

      -The Archmage

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