Merry Christmas, Have Some Gifts!

Merry Christmas from Dungeon Master’s Workshop!

It’s been quite a year for us here. We’ve put out 21 amazing posts (22 including this one), drawing more than 50,000 readers, we’ve gained a sponsor, Wyrmwood, and have launched our Patreon. Our readers have all been wonderful to us this year, and so we wanted to celebrate the holidays by giving out some gifts for you to enjoy.

Below you will find the link to a number of custom magical items that have been playtested at our tables and would be the envy of any adventurer in your own games. A few have been adapted to 5th Edition from previous versions of the game (namely, 3rd Edition), but the remaining items have been created by us at Dungeon Master’s Workshop.

Dungeon Master’s Workshop is an independent organization not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. We create and modify D&D content under the Open Game Licence (OGL).

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