The Best of Dungeon Master’s Workshop, 2018

Another year has come and gone, and 2018 was certainly a wild ride. As with 2017, we put out a lot of content for our readers; two posts a month, or three if the month has five Fridays. Our audience has grown many times over since 2016, allowing us to dedicate more time to creating exceptional content, and it only seems to be encouraging more people to come by.

With so much here, some readers may have missed an article that they would really enjoy. To help you to find content you may have overlooked, we have compiled this list of our top 5 articles from 2018. Enjoy!

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No, Healing Word is Not Overpowered

This article was written as a response to a video by Cody from Taking20 on YouTube, which had galvanized those who opposed the existence of this lowly 1st-level spell for a host of misguided reasons. While we really like Take20, we couldn’t let healing word be so wrongly denounced and blamed for foibles of its casters and their Dungeon Masters. In the article, we directly address criticisms of the spell and point a finger at the rightful culprit for the problems attributed to this spell so that DMs can turn their attention to fixing the real issues.

The Jedi

Following up on our enormously popular class based on the mystical warrior order of George Lucas’ Star Wars universe, we re-released the Jedi class with some significant revisions based on playtesting and feedback from our readers. If you haven’t played the class yet, we highly recommend it!

Ghost of the Mere

This adventure was not the first we have written, but it was the first we have sold on Dungeon Masters Guild using Wizards of the Coast intellectual property. The adventure is written to be able to stand on its own, but it is most appealing for people running the Tyranny of Dragons storyline by Kobold Press, as it offers an opportunity to follow up on some loose ends not covered in the original adventure. The adventure also has some helpful guidelines for running dragons as truly terrifying creatures, which is a must-read for anyone who wants to really deliver in the next dragon encounter they run.

D&D Tips: Bonus Action Spells

Continuing our line of articles addressing common misunderstandings to rules, we wrote this article to tackle the mistaken notion that you can’t cast more than one spell of 1st level or higher in a single turn. In it, we explain how this confusion is understandable given the most common situation in which you would cast multiple spells in a turn (that is, when one of the spells has a casting time of 1 bonus action), and clarify a number of ways in which you would go about casting multiple non-cantrip spells in a turn.

Multiclass Spellcasting

This article is another attempt to clarify misunderstood rules, this time about how your decision to multiclass impacts your spellcasting ability. With more than 25,000 views at the time of this article, it is one of our most popular; and with more than 50 comments it is one of our most engaging. It is a sister to our massive article examining different multiclassing combinations, which you probably want to get comfortable if you’re going to read.

There’s much more to be found on Dungeon Master’s Workshop, but these are the highlights we most recommend you check out if you missed them. Or even if you didn’t miss them, have at them again. Leave comments. Share your thoughts. Or share the articles. It would mean the world to us and would really help us to keep producing more content for your enjoyment.

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