Lich, Fed Up With Idiot Adventurers, About To Solve Puzzle For Them

FANE OF THE SHADOW KING—The great lich Mordroth, Destroyer of Worlds, is ready to just give the latest interlopers of his dungeon the answer to a simple riddle.

“These pathetic mortals have been at it for hours”, the undead necromancer said incredulously as he observed their progress from a crystal ball. He added that the room beyond the puzzle door “is full of all the best save-or-die traps in the dungeon”, and he was looking forward to an afternoon of “good, old fashioned dismemberment” as a distraction from his otherwise ceaseless arcane research.

The lich’s reasons for adding the riddle, Mordroth claims, are “to watch the hope die from the eyes of the simpletons as they realize they must overcome their greatest enemy yet: their own stupidity”. He’s never seen the riddle take this long to solve.

The room was last entered over 20 years ago by a company of paladins whose souls were condemned to nourish Mordroth’s phylactery. According to the lich, “even those pompous fools had the sense to understand a metaphor, instead of looking around the area for a physical key”.

The adventurers declined to comment on their predicament, stating Mordroth could “stuff his riddles up his phylactery-hole”.

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2 thoughts on “Lich, Fed Up With Idiot Adventurers, About To Solve Puzzle For Them”

  1. Honestly? You could turn this one feature into an entire website. Call it “The Cabbage” and fill it with Onion-style stories from a fantasy/D&D world. Add in a podcast with the best story each day/an Alexa skill for people’s flash briefings. Would be crazy successful. Just sayin’. 🙂

    1. Hi Max!

      We are very happy with the instant success of The Sending Stone with our audience and will certainly be looking into ways to expand this content. We’ll keep your suggestions in mind!

      – the Archmage

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