Character Who Took Training In Medicine Smugly Stabilizes Unconscious Cleric

CAMP OF THE HOBGOBLIN GENERAL—A fighter with proficiency in Medicine has reportedly put his oft-ridiculed training to use stabilizing his greatest detractor, the party cleric. Corbin Brightshield, a former soldier in the royal army with passable training in field medicine, removed the tip of a crossbow bolt that had become lodged in his compatriot-in-arms and stanched the flow of blood from a lacerated artery. It was the first time in over 50 hours of dungeon delving that he had found his skills in need, sources claimed.

“A wasted proficiency, was it?” the fighter reportedly chuckled as he cleaned and dressed the wound, adding “I guess your spells weren’t up to the task after all; should have prepared arrowproof or whatever.”

“The stitches are crooked and it will become an unpleasant scar”, remarked the druid, Anastasia, who was supposed to be the party’s back-up healer but was preoccupied at the time ripping through enemies in the form of a bear. “It was not the ideal resolution, but at least Ser Brightshield has been justified in his perplexing choice of proficiency.” When asked about her own proficiencies in Nature and Animal Handling, the elven druidess transformed into a grumpy-looking cat and fled into nearby brush.

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