New Party Member Literally The Last Party Member With Moustache

SUZAIL, CORMYR—An adventuring band heavy with sorrow over the loss of their dear companion, Kolson Hodgins, to an acid pit trap had a shock today when they finally returned to town to find a prospective new party member who appeared to be the exact same as their former companion, but with a fancy moustache.

“It’s like looking back in time”, commented Regis, the party’s bard and erstwhile rogue, “but, like, through some magic mirror that makes everyone ten times cooler or something.”

“It is quite the mystery”, remarked Anastasia, an elven cleric of the Seldarine who coincidentally also replaced a past party member to whom she bears a striking similarity. She added: “At the risk of reinforcing the dreadful misconception that elves are unable to discern the difference between humans, I must confess that Sir Kolton Bodgins bears an uncanny resemblance to our late companion. He even sounds like him. Though the moustache is certainly a pleasing change.”

“When ’e walked up and asked te join our troupe, ah almost shat meself”, added Torund, the dwarven battlerager. “Ah though ah’d seen a ghost. A dapper ghost. Ah must ask ’im ’ow ’e gets the ends of that moustache to curl just so. Like ’e’s not actually tryin’ to get it ta do that, it just does.”

Bodgins has apparently denied any relation to Hodgins, which seems totally fair. Two people with similar names, similar appearance, similar accents, similar fighting styles, and even similar equipment are no more likely to be related as anyone else. Why would anyone even ask that? Wait, are you writing that down? That too? I swear, you scribes have a twisted sense of humour…

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