Yet Another Party Member’s Father Revealed To Be A Dark Lord

HULLACK FOREST, CORMYR—In the ruins of the ancient city of Tethgard, a dramatic encounter with a mysterious cult leader became an awkward and trite reunion of another party member with their long-lost and now-evil father. This marks the third time a party member’s father has been revealed as the villain of a story arc.

“I just feel that we’ve played this scene”, groaned Regis, the party bard. “How many times can I include this trope in our saga before I’m accused of writing improbable fiction? I can scarcely even believe it myself! The gods truly have a twisted sense of humour.”

“I should have known this would happen”, said Kolton Bodgins, son of the now-revealed Hardwick “Orthex” Bodgins, dark lord of Asmodeus and marshal of the Nine Hells. “After Anastasia’s father was revealed as the dark lord behind the elven supremacists who wanted to wipe out the human kingdoms, which came after Torund’s father was revealed as the dark lord of the evil dwarven god who had forged the soul anvil to bind spirits to living automatons, I thought to myself, ‘Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that my family all died when our house was consumed in hellish flames, I’d rather be sure of my father’s death than have him somehow be connected to the fire’. I suppose we were all asking for this with our backstories, weren’t we?”

The other party members whose fathers have not yet appeared in the group’s travels declined to comment, citing that they didn’t want to “give anyone any ideas”.

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