Elder God Still Waiting for Party to Follow-Up On Clues Before Continuing With Plot

THE GREY WASTES—K’shyyrr, The Beast That Howls, devoured its fifth high priest today as tensions grew in its cult, which has stood poised to enact its plan to break the seals on their patron’s prison and release him to devour the sun and moon, awaiting only the arrival of the sole band of adventurers in the world capable of stopping them.

“The Beast is an entity of terror, yes”, observed an acolyte, Brath, “but I don’t see why this group can’t feel terror all the way over where they are now as we unleash our glorious lord, instead of having to be here. We’ve been ready for weeks, and they’re… shopping for lurid statuary to furnish their garden.” Brath was promptly devoured for his insolence.

Three hundred miles away, in the Free City of Harbridge, the adventurers seemed oblivious to the threat. When asked about whether they had plans to pick up the fight against the elder god, their response was, “The What that Whats? Is that a bard troupe?” Following several hours of digging through notes and poring over tomes of lore, the adventurers eventually gleaned the plot lines they had overlooked and agreed to go and remediate the matter in three days’ time, after their shipment of healing potion supplies had come in and they had finished dealing with the troublesome contractor about the foundation issues at their keep.

At press time, K’shyyrr was still ‘gathering power’, ensuring that it would be ready for the inevitable showdown.

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