Male Party Members Suspicious of Female Ally’s Inerrant Investigation Checks

FREE CITY OF GREYHAWK—Several male members of the Worshipful Company of Tomb Raiders have evinced suspicions regarding the integrity of their bladesinger companion, Caelynna Mellaryn, after she repeatedly demonstrated the ability to locate with a quick glance what they could not find with intense searching.

“It’s more than just keen elven sight”, said elven wizard Ennil Amanodel, 26. He continued, “It’s like her vision pierces the folds of space and time, or at least has a supernatural quality which allows it to peer through any occluding object.”

“I first grew suspicious when she pointed out the statue we had been looking for in the lich-king’s tomb”, said Regis. “Kolton and I had been looking through that chamber for the better part of five minutes before Caelynna came in and pointed it out straight away. ‘Is this it?’ she asked oh-so-innocently, pointing at the wall beside me. I couldn’t believe it when I turned and saw the eight-foot statue! I swear it hadn’t been there a few seconds before! And that’s not the only time; it happens so often! I wonder if she’s in collusion with some all-powerful force that finds it all very amusing, or plays the game of fate with weighted dice. That must be it; she’s cheating!”

When asked how she could so regularly discover that which eluded her party’s exhaustive searches, the bladesinger chuckled, “Boys. It’s always the same. I’ve had eleven boys and none could find their nose on the front of their face. My oldest, Corellon bless him, is almost in his third century now and still can’t find anything without divine or marital intervention. Just last month, he spent two days looking for an important spell component my daughter-in-law found on top of his laboratory desk.”

At press time, the party suspicions had continued to grow as Caelynna retrieved an item from their bag of holding after all six male companions had failed to find it.

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