Bard, Three Hours Out of College, Already Has Half-Dragon Child

WATERDEEP, FAERÛN—Moments after being separated from his party in an ancient tomb in the High Forest, Regis the Bard returned bearing his newborn half-dragon son, fellow adventurers confirm.

“A canny believe it”, said Borund the dwarf fighter, adding, “tha bonny lad weren’t gone long ’nuff tae whisper somethin’ sexy like, yet ’ere ’e gone done cozened a she-dragon tae make some wretched offspring.”

Scarcely had his absence had been noticed before Regis “casually strolled back into our midst to flaunt his ill-begotten spawn”, said Maerethys, the elf cleric.

The other members of the company promptly left the child at the nearest orphanage with Regis’ share of the day’s treasure to pay for its care.

At press time, the bard had already fathered another, half-illithid, child.

Image credit: “The Bard” by Kathryn Whiteford

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