Playtest: The Adept

Discover the secrets of ki with this brand new monk revision for the world’s greatest roleplaying game!

Monks have long been one of the worst-rated classes in fifth edition, hedged out narrowly by the ranger for last place. As a martial class with a low Hit Die, a mediocre AC, a lack of exploration abilities, and a core class mechanic that quickly renders every other class feature obsolete, it’s not surprising that few people appreciate what is, in theory, an elegantly designed class with an original concept.

Enter the adept, a fresh revision of the monk class that expands the class’ conceptual scope and overhauls its core mechanics.

What is an Adept?

Just as mages channel magic from the surrounding world to cast their spells, adepts channel the magic within their bodies to improve their physical and mental abilities. Such abilities take years to hone and require a singular devotion to master. For this reason, many adept traditions are shrouded in mystery and preserved through institutions devoted solely to teaching and preserving these arts.

While the rigours of their training demand that some adepts live ascetic and cloistered lives, truly hermitic orders are rare. Whether it is genasi tribes preserving the Way of the Four Elements or a royal advisor practising the precognitive arts of the Way of the Weird, adepts are very much a part of the world.

What is this Document?

This document is a playtest. It is not a final version of the class. The rules are written in pencil, not ink. As playtest feedback comes in, the class design will be refined and improved. A survey will be opened shortly for initial feedback, and will remain open until fall 2022 so people can continue to provide their thoughts as their characters gain levels in this class.

D&D 5.5e

The adept class is a candidate to be included in the forthcoming release of D&D 5.5e, a substantial revision to D&D’s fifth edition by Dungeon Master’s Workshop to resolve longstanding complaints about the game while respecting its 50-year legacy. Through the world of Taldaras, the primary plane of the Lost Realm campaign setting, players can experience stories that embrace the tropes that have made D&D the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

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