Playtest: The Ranger (Revised)

Become a master of the wilds with this brand new ranger revision for the world’s greatest roleplaying game!

Rangers have been consistently rated as the least powerful and least enjoyable player class in fifth edition. Whether because of the cumbersome mechanisms of the Beast Master, the all-or-nothing nature of favoured terrain and favoured enemy, or the reliance on certain spells that ought to have been defining class features, fans of this class have been consistently disappointed with efforts by Wizards of the Coast to make meaningful changes to bring it up to par with its peers.

We’ve taken these complaints and done a meaningful rework of the class from the ground up, overhauling both the core mechanics and the subclasses.

What is a Ranger?

Rangers are the bulwark against the darkness. They guard not just civilization, but the world at large from the dangers of unnatural creatures. Aberrations, monstrosities, undead, and other things abhorrent to the natural order—these foes which lesser warriors would be helpless to face are the favoured quarry of rangers.

Like druids, rangers make pacts with spirits of the natural world, gaining magical abilities from their increased connection to nature. These spells often favour stealth, speed, and the hunt, befitting the demands of their grim task. This primal power also grants them additional abilities in combat and whilst travelling in the natural world.

What is this Document?

This document is a playtest. It is not a final version of the class. The rules are written in pencil, not ink. As playtest feedback comes in, the class design will be refined and improved. A survey will be opened shortly for initial feedback, and will remain open until fall 2022 so people can continue to provide their thoughts as their characters gain levels in this class.

D&D 5.5e

The ranger class is a candidate to be included in the forthcoming release of D&D 5.5e, a substantial revision to D&D’s fifth edition by Dungeon Master’s Workshop to resolve longstanding complaints about the game while respecting its 50-year legacy. Through the world of Taldaras, the primary plane of the Lost Realm campaign setting, players can experience stories that embrace the tropes that have made D&D the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

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