Revised Races (5.5E)

Enhance your fifth edition D&D games with a massive supplement for races in the world’s greatest roleplaying game! 

Revised Races is a major project by Dungeon Master’s Workshop designed to overhaul the game’s most popular races to improve playability and balance. It includes 40 pages of overhauled mechanics, with 12 races, 19 subraces, and 21 spells, all fully compatible with the core rules. You can use the rules modularly or as a full package.

This project has been in the works for many months, and in some ways for many years. Due to the current community dialogue around race in D&D, it was determined that simply releasing the numbers and mechanics of the material was likely to invite (or worse, encourage) unwelcome perspectives that are actively harming the community and which ultimately prompted the creation of this supplement. As such, the content is presented to the backdrop of a lightly detailed campaign setting. This setting details are intended to provide context and inspiration, and GMs may choose to use some, all, or none of it at their discretion.

The contents of this supplement are still in the playtesting stage and may see further review before final publication. Your input on the various features and systems is integral to making this system the best that it can be. To join the discussion and get involved with community playtesting, head on over to our Discord. Additionally, if you’re a fan of our content and would like to support our work, becoming a patron on our Patreon is highly appreciated.

You can get a free PDF version of Revised Races here, or you can check out Revised Races via The Homebrewery. This tool works best if you use Google Chrome and use standard display settings.

Feature Image Credit: Paizo and Owlcat Games

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