Tools Revised: Brewer’s Supplies (5.5E)

An old dwarf breaks the seal on an oak cask and breathes deeply, savouring the aroma of fresh spirit. To his discerning nose, the hint of aromatic herbs is unmistakable. This batch is sure to be his finest.

A young human woman ducks behind a fallen pillar, arrows striking the wall behind where she just stood. The reprieve is brief, but enough for her to take a long draught from her second wine skin, imbibing a sweet liquid that quickly sends rejuvenating tingles to her various extremities.

A half-elf in rugged leathers sits in a deep glen and withdraws a flask of clear, fragrant liquid. A slow sip of the sweet cordial quickly warms his body and drives away the aches of the trail.

In the worlds of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, there are thousands of varieties of beverages, some well-known across many cultures and others unique to a single batch. Brewer’s supplies are special tools used to practise the craft of creating such potations, including advanced decoctions with special properties.

Tools Revised

This article is part of a series where we revise the game’s tools to make them useful for adventurers. It is playtest material for Dungeon Master’s Workshop’s own 5.5e. It is experimental and still in draft form, and your feedback will help to improve and polish it.

The aim of this project is to provide practical uses for all tools useful to adventurers, as well as to elaborate on the knowledge encompassed by a tool’s proficiency. The intention is to make tool proficiency more than a ribbon feature of your character’s identity.

Using This Material 

We invite you to use this material along with the other 5.5e content we have created, including revisions to classes, spells, and core game rules. In our 5.5e series, the content of each article supersedes the content of any previous article.

Brewer’s Supplies

Consisting of pots, tubes, and assorted substances such as hops, brewer’s supplies are used to create alcoholic beverages. Proficiency with brewer’s supplies encompasses a broad knowledge of fermentation and basic chemistry.

See below for the complete rules for brewer’s supplies.

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Feature Image Credit: Monk in a Cellar by Joseph Haier (1816–1891)

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