Complete Warrior (5.5E)

Enhance your fifth edition D&D games with a massive supplement for martial heroes in the world’s greatest roleplaying game! 

Complete Warrior is a major expansion by Dungeon Master’s Workshop designed to increase the depth of the fifth edition rules without impeding gameplay with unnecessary complexity. It includes 50+ pages of overhauled combat and core class rules, with 17 new subclasses, 38 combat techniques, and more than 50 feats, all fully compatible with the core rules. You can use the rules modularly or as a full package.

Because few games go beyond tier 2, the classes have only been developed up to 12th level in order to focus on the most played level ranges. Further development to 20th level will follow.

The contents of this supplement are still in the playtesting stage and may see further review before final publication. Your input on the various features and systems is integral to making this system the best that it can be. To join the discussion and get involved with community playtesting, head on over to our Discord. Additionally, if you’re a fan of our content or even just want to support our work, becoming a patron on our Patreon is highly appreciated.

You can get a free PDF version of Complete Warrior here, or you can check out Complete Warrior via The Homebrewery. This tool works best if you use Google Chrome and use standard display settings.

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Feature Image Credit: Carlo Monteiro

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