Tools Revised: Alchemist’s Supplies (5.5E)

A human woman stands up from behind a battlement, lobbing a glass vial at the causeway leading to the town gate. It shatters against the canopy of a massive battering ram, which is instantly engulfed in water-resistant flame.

A half-elf in dark clothes bends down and cracks a wooden stick in his hands. As a cloud of smoke billows out from it, a darker patch of moonless night, he moves on past the gatehouse unseen.

A gnome coughs and gently touches where his eyebrows have been singed off. Somewhere behind him, a final crash breaks through the ringing of his ears, and he winces as expensive glassware and crockery shatters on the floor. Sighing, he pats out a burning corner of his log book and marks down another failure.

In the worlds of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, natural substances like minerals and metals often have magical properties. Alchemist’s supplies are special tools used to practise the craft of identifying and manipulating those properties to create minor magical items.

Tools Revised

This article is part of a series where we revise the game’s tools to make them useful for adventurers. It is playtest material for Dungeon Master’s Workshop’s own 5.5e. It is experimental and still in draft form, and your feedback will help to improve and polish it.

The aim of this project is to provide practical uses for all tools useful to adventurers, as well as to elaborate on the knowledge encompassed by a tool’s proficiency. The intention is to make tool proficiency more than a ribbon feature of your character’s identity.

Using This Material 

We invite you to use this material along with the other 5.5e content we have created, including revisions to classes, spells, and core game rules. In our 5.5e series, the content of each article supersedes the content of any previous article.

Alchemist’s Supplies

Consisting of beakers, burners, glassware, and all variety of different essential elements, alchemist’s supplies are used to create various magical items, harnessing the magical properties of natural substances. Proficiency with alchemist’s supplies encompasses a broad knowledge of these properties and the various careful methods by which they might be utilized.

See below for the complete rules for alchemist’s supplies.

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Feature Image Credit: Dmitry Burmak © Osprey Publishing

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